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Prior McMahon aims to provide a speedy, efficient, effective PERSONAL service at an optimum cost.

Our business clients vary in size from the recently established sole trader/partnership to the long established corporate entity.

Over the years we have established excellent working relationships with banks, finance houses, lawyers and other professionals.

We have established access to those contacts who can offer their expertise and guidance on the vast range of information and resources required for further development of progressive business entities.

Partners and key personnel are dedicated to their respective specialist areas thereby ensuring the best service to the client.

Our remit is not just the clinical production of financial statements and taxation computations and submissions but rather an extension of the management team of the respective entity offering Value Added Services to include medium to long term strategic planning.

The Inland Revenue and ourselves have an excellent working relationship based upon our track record which has resulted in a a healthy mutual respect.

Let us give you a quotation upon a defined remit which will definitely be very competitive but more importantly represents value for money.

Prior McMahon 2003
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